Ralph Wachter @ DirtGarden Jam

>> Sunday, 27 September 2009

Some words from Ralph Wachter:

First of all i have to mention that Nikki and his girlfriend did an awesome job in organizing the annual dirtgarden jam.
The jumps were in a perfect condition and they ve also build a satellite dish to give the course a new spicy twist.
Riders from all over Austria, two Czech dudes as well as Amir Kabbani and some other guys from good old germany showed up and presented their moves. Matthias competed in the pro class whereas i only competed in the amateur class. My goal was i to finish last as i'm much more of a trail rider than going for big moves. Unfortunately one of my opponents crashed and i showed more tricks than planned i missed my goal. Matthias went big on the course and unveiled some nice moves on the big line.
in the end Amir Kabbani won pro ahead of Nikki Leitner and Andi Brewi. the best trick award went to one of the Czech riders showing a smooth tailwhip to barspin.


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