33 Questions - Walter Mayerhofer

>> Thursday, 21 January 2010

Introducing Walter Mayerhofer with 33 random questions.

Walter Mayerhofer
Where do you live? In Austria the city called Salzburg.
I worked as engineering technician but right now i ride bikes and try to find a new job. :)
What do you ride?
Most of the time I ride street and park but i also love to ride dirt.
Bike & Kit:
Right now I ride the howie frame from tonic,some rockshox forks and no brakes.

Sponsors: Setup Clothing and Tonic Fab.
Your favorite place? Barcelona!!
What's your local riding scene like?
Pretty small we are about 5 friends but its super cool and we try to ride everyday.

Hero’s: Mr. T haha.
Favorite bike product: Brakes Noooot.
What thing cant you do without?
Dance without Beer.
Any addictions?
yess Bikes.
Best riding spot:
The waves in Barcelona.
Favorite Beer: Pittinger haha super cheap and good!
Whats the most important thing in your life?
Family and Friends!
Whats the worst job you ever had? 9 Months civil service.. not well paid!
Whats your dream job?
Riding bikes.
Whats the first thing you do in the morning?
Switch on my iMac.
Whats the last thing you do at night? Switch off!
What does the future hold for you with riding?
I hope not getting hurt and learn new tricks.
Who is your favorite rider.
Vishneviy is sick and John!
Most embarrassing habit
I always sleep tooooo long!
If you could go for a drink with 3 famous people dead or alive who would they be?
Mr. T,Horatio Caine and God.
Last time you were drunk. Yesterday haha it was Crazy!
Favorite website
. www.vvcforce.com
Favorite film.
Quentin Tarantino films
Favorite food.
Fast Food!
Lidl or Aldi? hmmm they are both nice!
Mac or pc?
MAC !!!!
What type of music do you like?
Indie & Electro.
Top 3 tunes:
M83 - Teen Angst, 50 Cent - Many Man, Pink Floyd -Time

All photos © Raffael Stiborek.


New for 2010

>> Saturday, 16 January 2010

Evening all,
So the 2010 Setup Clothing website is finally online SetupClothing.com.

New clothing includes some nice new designs printed onto some "rite nice" t-shirts made by B&C Europe.
We also got some new stuff in the Superfit t-shirt range and some awesome new comfy hoodies in 3 bold colours.

Website wise we are all networked up with FaceSpaceTube:

Decided to give Twatter a miss as its a bit gay and I highly doubt anyone really wants valuable information such as: "Setup Clothing is eating a Digestive", "Setup Clothing is sat looking at a computer screen" etc...

Also on the new webber, we have a little gallery of some choice photo's from the past few years (thanks to various crew members!).

Stuff is still moving and being sorted, so we will hopefully have a few more members of the Setup family before the spring + some more prints and the return of the Premium Hooded Sweatshirt when our supplier pulls its finger out.

Thanks everyone for the support in the past 12 months, here's to a good 2010!

Cheers & Good Riding!



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